A Milestone in Indonesian High-Quality Valve Manufacturing : Factory Opening Ceremony PT Katup Industri Indonesia

Factory Opening Ceremony PT Katup Industri Indonesia

A Milestone in Indonesian High-Quality Valve Manufacturing : Factory Opening Ceremony PT Katup Industri Indonesia

On October 31, 2023, PT Katup Industri Indonesia marked a historic milestone with the grand inauguration of its cutting-edge factory. This significant event brought together a distinguished group of stakeholders, including Government Representatives, the team from our License Partner JC Valves (Spain), and Business Partners in the valve industry. Together, they witnessed the dawn of a new era in Indonesia’s Prem Valve Manufacturer.

Championing Quality, Sustainability, and Collaboration

The primary objective of this inauguration was to mark the inception of high-quality valve manufacturing, with a focus on achieving up to 45% local content. This commitment not only contributes to Indonesia’s economic growth but also strengthens our export capabilities, positioning us prominently on the global stage.

At the heart of this event was the theme of environmental sustainability, reflecting our commitment to build sustainable valve industry ecosystem on a global scale. This is also reflected in the souvenirs provided, which symbolize the enduring quality of the goods, with the expectation that the establishment of this factory will create sustainable livelihoods within the valve industry. We’re deeply invested in creating a greener and more sustainable manufacturing.

The event commenced with insightful opening remarks from key figures as the Chairman, President Director, JC TTV Group, and Government Representative. These speakers emphasized the significance of this endeavor and its potential impact both nationally and internationally. The ceremony that followed was a symbol of unity, marking the collaboration between various stakeholders in the valve industry.

Inside the Innovation: A Fascinating Factory Tour

A highlight of the event was the factory tour, offering visitors an exclusive glimpse into our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. the tour showcased our the high-tech machinery and advanced technology. During this session, Many of visitors were enthusiastic about participating in the tour. From material inspection and paint preparation to assembly, testing, and the painting process, the tour provided valuable insights into our company, fostering a deeper understanding of PT Katup Industri Indonesia on a personal level.

Valves play a crucial role in almost all industrial operations, making the adoption of technology from JC Valve, a pioneering name with 54 years of experience in the global valve market. This collaboration allows PT Katup Industri Indonesia to build on the extensive knowledge and expertise of JC Valve, ensuring our valves meet the most rigorous industry standards.

The Factory Opening Ceremony PT Katup Industri Indonesia serves as a testament to our nation’s determination to excel in the valve manufacturing sector. With a commitment to high-quality products, a blend of local and global expertise, and the adoption of cutting-edge technology, PT Katup Industri Indonesia is ready to make its mark in the global valve industry, contributing to Indonesia’s economic growth and global reputation.

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